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Electric Grinder
  • Manufacturing all kinds of armored doors (stainless steel doors - emergency door)

  • Manufacturing all kinds of tables

  • All kitchen and hotel supplies

  • Maintaining, developing and raising the efficiency of production lines and machines

  • Manufacturing and installing industrial ventilation ducts as well as all its components (square - round).

  • Supplying factory supplies (electrical - mechanical).

  • Manufacturing all packaging machines

  • Laser and plasma cutting


  • Binding steel nuts used in the food industry with stainless steel

  • Manufacturing all kinds of cookers

  • Manufacturing all kinds of stainless steel nuts (horizontal - vertical).

  • Manufacturing all types of sieves (powder shakers - sugar).

  • Manufacturing of all kinds of handrails

  • Manufacturing all kinds of platforms and installation of production lines

  • Manufacturing and maintaining of all types of heat exchangers (stainless steel - iron - copper - aluminum).

  • Manufacturing and installing of all types of motorized regular and movable gates with all its electrical components.

  • Metal forming and working

  • Manufacturing all types of tanks (single - double jacket without insulation - heat insulation - cold insulation - stainless steel - iron)

  • Installing all types of pipelines (iron - stainless steel - double jacket - normal).

  • Designing and installing fire lines + its own set of pumps and their electrical panels

  • Installing all steam lines and connecting them to boilers. Installing oil boilers and their pipelines

  • Installation of all types of thermal and cold insulation

  • Manufacturing of all products’ conveyor belts.



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